We do

We do

We specialize in the following core fields:

Software Development

  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Data Analytics

Professional Web Design and Development Services

Graphic Design

  • Logo design
  • Business Cards
  • Print design
  • E-brochures / flyers
  • Set of graphic designs, illustrations and concepts for corporate merchandise/ giveaways (mugs, pens, etc.)


  • ICT training

Training in Microsoft Office and Windows packages

– Excel
– Word
– Office 365
– Skype for Business
– PowerPoint

Software for creatives

– Illustrator
– Photoshop
– InDesign
– After Effects
– Premiere Pro
– Photoshop Elements

– Customized courses allow you to choose where, when and for how many participants you want to organize the course.

– Our customized classes are an efficient way to train large groups or very busy people on a specific topic.

  • Project Management training
  • Human Resource Management training
  • Financial Management training
  • Marketing training
  • Out-bound training

New Media Solutions

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Snapchat LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain registration
  • Digital Profiles

Consultancy Services

  • ICT infrastructure management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Marketing Management


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